CHiiMP Next

CHiiMP Next is the only inflight connectivity system in the world that utilises Bluetooth Smart technology and Iridium to simultaneously connect all pilots and passengers with the outside world. 

Connectivity Functions

  • Chat via Whatsapp
  • Stay in touch with people on the ground via Text
  • Improve business communications via Email
  • Enhance flight operations with simple App-based Messaging
  • Easily chat using our wireless Bluetooth Handset 

What makes it unique? 

  • Smallest, lightest and simplest inflight connectivity system in the industry
  • Bluetooth 4 technology delivers call transfer capability meaning passengers can get up and talk remotely without hassle
  • Leverages narrowband to send and receive very low-cost messages via the Iridium satellite constellation​
  • Get CHiiMP Tracking FREE when you purchase a CHiiMP Smart System  


CHiiMP Next Internet Upgrade

Are you thinking about installing Wi-Fi on-board?

Are you sick of paying extravagant fees for inflight Internet?

The CHiiMP Next internet upgrade is the comprehensive inflight connectivity solution that delivers unlimited WhatsApp, SMS, Email and access to Data Services. 

CHiiMP Next is a pay-as-you-go live Internet App that provides pilots and passengers with real-time information on data usage and cost, cutting your Wi-Fi bill by up to 95%! 

  • Eliminate the possibility of billing disputes by keeping passengers informed about how much data they are consuming. 
  • Operators, crew and passengers receive an email summary at the conclusion of the flight.

Connectivity Functions

  • Stay in touch with people on the ground and keep abreast of business communications via text and email
  • Chat via WhatsApp
  • Enhance flight operations with simple App-based messaging
  • Explore the web with easy access Internet